Hi, I'm Cindy!

Like many of you, I've had a series of circumstances that have challenged me. Instead of giving in, I was determined to rise. I chose positivity and kindness when life was cruel. My story isn't special, but it's worth sharing. I believe everyone can become the best version of themselves. My passion is to inspire and empower other women to make the changes necessary to discover who they were meant to be.

About Me

Positivity & Kindness are Pillars of My Success

Always a go-getter, I have big dreams.
It started in college when she became a Founding Sister of a local sorority. Courage, determination and commitment to provide something different, it quickly became an organization with a mission.

I took what I learned from that process to her adulthood. In my corporate positions, I was always the first to hold the position and make it my own. Molding them into masterpieces, I was ready to go out on my own. A passion of mine was to always be my own boss. I branched out and started my own marketing consulting business.

Shortly after beginning, I went through a divorce. Staying true to myself and my dreams, I stayed focused on building my dreams. Next, I hit another hurdle. I was in a horrible car accident that caused a brain injury. Persistence, determination and grit kept me going.

Each of these circumstances didn't become my situation, I chose to rise above and become the best version possible. Today, my business is in the 5th year and continues to grow.

Still I Rise

In three words, people describe me as bubbly, magnetic and real. I have endured several traumas yet I choose to live life with positivity and kindness. Known as "jabber jaws" as a child, I have a knack for storytelling. And I have quite the story to tell.

Even through hardships like sexual assault, divorce and a brain injury, I continue to rise. Using brave determination to become the best version of herself, I have a passion to help others.

I use my own story to inspire and encourage other women to find their true passions and to go after their dreams. I will have you laughing, maybe even crying, but at the end, I will leave you inspired to take action.

Inspire & Empower

Mom. Daughter. Sister. Fiancé. Friend. Entrepreneur. Kindness Spreader. That's me to the core.

I find joy in life's little things. Watching dog videos or enjoying a sunset--simple things bring me happiness.

It hasn't always been easy to find the bright side of things. I had to focus. I had to learn. But it was important to me. I dove into personal development books. I read blogs. I watched YouTube videos for inspiration. I grew from the inside out. I found courage within. I found my voice. I discovered that true happiness was something we created on our own...and that's when my life began to change. I was no longer willing to be confined to be molded inside someone else's box. I wanted to jump on top of that box and dance. 

Today, I run a success marketing business. I have two amazing children. I found love again. And I continue to push the boundaries on what I am capable of. My passion is sharing my story on how my life turned upside down, yet determined to rise, I created a life of my dreams. 

I would be honored to share my story with your organization.



Successfully starting a marketing consulting business from the ground up. Growing every year since starting in 2016.


Overcoming several traumas, I understand the struggles to remain positive in the worst of circumstances.

Divorced Mom

What a stigma that title carries. I choose to focus on creating a loving space for my children to grow and become the best humans possible. 

Kindness Spreader

Choosing to focus on kindness and positivity have allowed me to grow in ways I cannot describe. I dedicate my birthday month every year to do a Random Act of Kindness daily.

Speaking Topics

Still I Rise

Sharing my story on how I overcame numerous traumas with the determination to Rise better than I ever was. I share my struggles, my ah-ha moments and how using kindness and positivity lead me to a life full of dreams come true.

I will inspire and encourage women to take action to live their best life!

The Entrepreuner Roller Coaster

Becoming an entrepreneur was always my dream. When I finally took the leap to start my own business, I feel into several hardships. Perseverance, determination and grit made it possible for me to overcome and lead a successful business now in it's 5th year of business.


Living with a Brain Injury

Six weeks after a car accident, I was diagnosed with Post Concussion Syndrome. Unaware of this type of brain injury, I became an advocate for my own recovery. I discovered ways to deal with the diagnosis, getting my life back. Over 2 years since my accident, it's a passion of mine to help others in similar situations.

No More Shame

Feeling shame from sexual assaults in college, I never sought the necessary help to repair what was broken. This denial resulted in many other issues over the years. Once I faced the problem head on, I was able to recover. And through all the work I did on myself, I feel NO MORE SHAME. This talk will walk you through my path, my discovery and my freedom.

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I'd be honored to share my story with your organization.

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