My Story

I didn't learn about kindness in a book; I found it in the challenges and triumphs of real life. Simple acts of kindness that began as a way for me to lift my spirits when I needed it most have become my life mission.

I feel it deep in my soul to share my story because I know others will see parts of themselves reflected in it. Mine is a comeback story and my dream is to inspire others to create the best versions of themselves and realize that kindness is a strength, not a weakness.

I loved speech class in high school, but I never expected that speaking on stage and telling my story would become my life's work. What I didn't realize then was how my story would unfold; the traumas I would endure; everything I would overcome over the next 25 years; and the passion I'd feel to use what I'd gone through as fuel to inspire and empower others to use kindness to get the most out of life at home and at work.

On Stage

I've got a personal story to tell, but every bit of the advice I share with leaders, companies, and organizations is rooted firmly in scientific research. I approach the study and application of kindness with equal parts lived experience and data so that when I step on stage, I know I'm sharing tangible tools and ideas my audience can use to make a meaningful difference in their world.

Leveraging my experience in sales, marketing, and organizational communication, I share evidence-based strategies with companies, organizations, and schools that improve employee culture and impact the bottom line.

I want to change the way we think about Key Performance Indicators. I want to change the way we calculate ROI. In the post-COVID era, old ways of doing business won't work. We need leaders who can leverage the power of kindness to create an engaged, productive, and loyal team. Kindness as a pillar of corporate culture is not nice to have; it's a non-negotiable.

Off Stage

Not only am I a dynamic professional speaker and trainer, but I'm also a passionate entrepreneur. I've built a successful marketing company from the ground up, I serve on multiple non-profit boards, and in 2021 I started a kindness-themed clothing line.

After earning a degree in marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and spending decades in corporate marketing, I branched out and started my own brand. For the past 6 years, I've served as the Chief Marketing Rockstar of Cindy Rowe Marketing. I get to help entrepreneurs and small business owners get visible, attract sales, and share their messages on social media and beyond.

I'm also the Founder and CEO of Be Kind Crew, a company that not only sells kindness merch but also leads the movement to spread kindness all over the world.


My mission is to ignite positive transformation within organizations through the profound impact of kindness. I believe that fostering a culture of empathy, compassion, and respect is a strategic advantage that enhances the bottom line.

My purpose is to inspire leaders, teams, and individuals to recognize kindness as a powerful tool for success. By showcasing the tangible connections between a culture of kindness and improved organizational performance, I aim to revolutionize how businesses operate.

Through engaging and thought-provoking presentations, I empower organizations to harness the collective strength of their people to drive innovation, boost employee engagement, and elevate customer satisfaction. I help leaders understand that by prioritizing kindness, they create a place where employees thrive and organizations flourish.

I am committed to instilling the belief that kindness is not just a gesture; it's a core value that fosters collaboration, enhances productivity, and creates a lasting legacy. By embracing the potential of kindness, I envision a world where organizations thrive not only financially but ethically and socially, leaving a profound positive mark on their employees, customers, and the broader community.

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"Cindy’s presentation on the topic of How Kindness Leads to Success in Retention resonated with our group of HR professionals.  The presentation was engaging and provided relevant information that we can utilize in our organizations of all types and sizes."


"Cindy is absolutely FANTASTIC at what she does! We have also had the pleasure of Cindy hosting some great seminars for our members"

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