Hi, I’m Cindy!

cindy rowe portrait crouching

Where it all began

It all started in High School...I LOVED SPEECH CLASS! But I never thought I would want to make my life's work getting up on stage sharing my story. What I didn't realize back then was how my story would unfold. The traumas I would endure. Everything I would overcome. And the passion I would feel to share my story to inspire and empower other women to do the same.

Why It Matters

I feel it deep in my soul to share my story with others. Not that I believe its special, but because I believe it matters. Taking the experiences I encountered over the past 25 years and creating the best version of me possible, my dream is to inspire others to do the same. Take what I've learned and use it to improve your life. Join me on my journey and start creating a life you were meant to live.


"Cindy has a way of engaging her audience with her magnetic personality and informative peripherals."


"Cindy is absolutely FANTASTIC at what she does! We have also had the pleasure of Cindy hosting some great seminars for our members"

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