Breaking The Mold: How Kindness Can Change Your Life


Being kind is the secret to living your best, most successful life. Research shows that intentional kindness can boost your mood, combat anxiety and depression, reduce stress, and even lower blood pressure. After this talk, you’ll know exactly how to use kindness as a tool to achieve your goals and thrive in any environment.

  • Why kindness is the ultimate strength in your personal and professional life
  • How to incorporate intentional kindness into your daily life
  • The importance of being kind to yourself and others.
  • Why kindness is a strength, not a weakness

The Hidden KPI: How A Culture of Kindness Boosts The Bottom Line


Science has proven that doing kind acts for others makes us happier. And that’s great news for leaders because happier employees are 12% more productive.? In today's workplace climate—amid staffing and retention challenges, it's crucially important to have a competitive edge with current staff and future employees. In this talk, you’ll learn how to use kindness as a key differentiator to make your organization stand out from the crowd. When you learn how to use kindness strategically, you’ll be seen and valued as a strategic and compassionate leader while simultaneously boosting the bottom line and improving workplace culture.

  • Identify the tangible benefits of creating a culture focused on kindness
  • Set expectations Incorporate standards that focus on the human element of the workplace and move the needle toward a kinder work environment
  • Create an action plan that will  positively impact the bottom line


Pathway to Profit: Leveraging Kindness As A Competitive Advantage

Research shows that engaged workers are more present at work, more productive, have fewer accidents, and make fewer errors.
What’s more, employees stay with kind employers and feel better about their jobs. Creating a culture of kindness impacts
employees’ well-being while positively impacting the bottom line.

  • Learn the research proving kindness in the workplace leads to tangible results
  • Explore the KPIs and ROI of a kindness culture for your organization
  • Learn the key components of kind leadership
  • What kindness does—and doesn’t—look like in a workplace environment

Cindy was our first speaker for the RNPW 2022-2023 season.  Our Theme this year is Centered around Kindness! Cindy is a Kindness Spreader on Facebook, and walks the walk in her daily life. She shared with us how to do random acts of kindness, easy things that any of us could do.  She showed us that an act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted. I had many take always that day. Thankful for her vision.

~Maureen Solverson

CINDY'S Official Bio

Cindy Rowe is a dynamic professional speaker, trainer, and passionate entrepreneur. She’s built two successful companies from the ground up, is a leader in her community, and works tirelessly to change the narrative around kindness.

Leveraging her experience in sales, marketing, and organizational communication, Cindy shares evidence-based strategies with companies, organizations, and schools that improve employee culture and positively impact the bottom line.

When she’s not speaking on stage, Cindy helps entrepreneurs grow their small businesses as the Chief Marketing Rockstar of Cindy Rowe Marketing. She is also leading the charge to turn kindness into a social movement as Founder/CEO of Be Kind Crew.

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