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Speaker Kit


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Cindy Rowe
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Mary Platz

American Society for Health Care Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA)

As the ASHHRA Education Manager, I had the pleasure of witnessing Cindy's commitment to her learning session for ASHHRA24 firsthand, and it was truly exceptional. Her focus on the importance of kindness struck a chord with our attendees, making her session both informative and impactful.

The feedback we received from participants was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed how inspired they felt to incorporate kindness into their personal lives, workplaces, and communities after attending Cindy's session. Her presentation served as a powerful reminder that intentional acts of kindness can truly make a significant difference, especially during the most challenging of times.

Cindy's insights offered valuable strategies for fostering a culture of kindness that benefits both individuals and organizations alike. It was evident that her expertise in this area provided our attendees with practical tools they could immediately implement in their daily lives and workplaces.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome Cindy back to our conference in the future, as her session surely contributed to the overall success of our event.

Amanda Aegerter

UW Learning & Talent Development

Cindy's presentation at our annual Leadership and Management Development Conference, centered around fostering a culture of kindness within teams, was truly enlightening. Her dedication to promoting people-first management principles and providing practical strategies for integrating kindness into the workplace resonated with our participants, and Cindy’s insights on the connection between kindness, happiness, and workplace productivity left a lasting impact.

Becky Goplin

WHPRMS President

It was truly a pleasure having Cindy Rowe present on 'Cultivating a Culture of Kindness' at our conference. Cindy's presentation was engaging and carried an inspiring message. Cindy reminded us of the big impact kindness can have, not only on others, but also on ourselves – both personally and professionally. Our group left eager to make a positive change. Cindy was engaging, thoughtful, and truly inspiring.

Thank you, Cindy for sharing your wisdom and insights with us!

Cara English, MA, DBH, LAC, PMH-C

CEO, Cummings Graduate Institute

Cindy's presentation was engaging and insightful. Her approach to kindness was unique and her personal examples really brought the information home to our attendees. Cindy encouraged interaction and was approachable. She took time to engage in dialogue and answer questions. This presentation was a welcome addition to our conference program. We would be happy to have her speak at one of our events again in the future.

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